Refugee Rights Europe was a values and mission driven organisation. Its team and leadership valued integrity, and as an organisation RRE sought to create a climate of trust by promoting a culture of openness and communication. RRE promoted a 'big picture' view of social change, and fostered collaboration whilst discouraging competition in the sector. RRE was committed to professionalism and to producing high-quality work as it was believed this could drive impact and change. Meanwhile, RRE celebrated and nurtured diverse types of strengths and contributions within the organisation. RRE's team and leadership believed in the equal value of all human beings and were fearless in pursuing its vision, working relentlessly to promote lasting change for refugees and displaced people.
Below is the mission statement which guided RRE's work from 2016-2021.

We value integrity

  • We seek to create a climate of trust, internally and externally to the organisation, by promoting a culture of openness and communication.
  • Our work is evidence-based and anchored in strong research ethics and best-practice.

We see the big picture

  • We work in collaboration with others. We discourage competition and know that we can only succeed by working together.
  • We are open to engaging with all viewpoints and opinions. We seek to engage with new audiences through a non-polarising approach.

We strive for excellence

  • We strive to produce efficient, focused and impactful work. We value professionalism and high-quality work, because we believe this is most effective in driving change.
  • We challenge ourselves as an organisation, we constantly seek ways to improve and innovate.

We are inclusive and equal

  • We believe in the equal value of every human being and the importance of respecting all individuals we work with. We are compassionate and know that human rights start at home.
  • We are an equal opportunities organisation, celebrating diversity. We appreciate and nurture diverse types of strengths and contributions.

We are fearless in pursuing our vision

  • We persevere in the face of challenge and continue to pursue our vision with passion and determination.
  • We believe in urgent action and challenge ourselves to be responsive to the external environment.

In addition, we seek to promote the following internal core team values:

  • We are committed to creating a safe and supportive work environment and seek to empower one another.
  • We are solutions-oriented, but we know that failure is fine, and sometimes essential for success.
  • We seek to unlock team members’ unrealised potential by encouraging professional and personal growth.