At this time of widespread disillusionment surrounding the human rights issues faced by refugees and displaced people in Europe, our organisation has emerged as a key actor in the sector.

We occupy a unique space, acting as a bridge between grassroots organisations on the frontlines and the highest levels of policy. Thanks to our extensive field research and our partners working on the ground, we have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the European refugee response.

Our achievements are wide-ranging, and we are proud to have built a strong track-record in a short time-span and on minimal funds.

Refugee Rights Europe Impact European Parliament
Refugee Rights Europe Impact
Refugee Rights Europe Impact UK Parliament

Some of Our Highlights

•  We have brought the voices of 6,000 displaced individuals to the corridors of power.

•  Our human rights observations helped lead to the successful ruling for life-saving services being provided in Northern France.

•  We stood up against the mistreatment of refugees in Greece at the United Nations Committee Against Torture.

•  We sent a joint letter to the UK Home Office calling for Youth Welfare Officers to be placed in asylum accommodation in the UK, signed by 38 MPs and 32 NGOs, civil society organisations and experts.

•  We have successfully influenced the current narrative at the UN, EU and national level by submitting over 22 evidence submissions.

Learn More About Our Impact

"This is a really important initiative given the incredible lack of transition support and often incorrect / punitive age assessments of 18-25 year old asylum seekers. While the hostile environment more broadly is producing many of these problems, your proposed model of having Youth Welfare Officers is an important way to monitor and address some of the gaps in support and services for young asylum seekers."

- Dr Rachel Rosen

"Thank you for shining a light on what can only be described as abuse, perpetrated against vulnerable young, emerging adults. Calling it out and ensuring it does not go unchecked is vital."

- Partner organisation in Calais

"We just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do. We hope that if it ever seems like it's hard to see an impact of the work, this is an example of how your work is absolutely invaluable, and that we are eternally grateful!"

- Help Refugees staff, following successful court ruling in France