About The Situation

We know that many vulnerable groups of people who have endured unimaginable experiences, including torture, extortion and sexual violence in Libya, often compounded by further abuse along the European journey, eventually end up in the UK where they lodge their asylum application. Once they arrive, asylum seekers are often left isolated, and are subject to discrimination and mistreatment as they seek to navigate often complex systems with authorities. Asylum accommodation standards are very poor, and young people in particular struggle to access the support they so desperately need.

Our Work

We are working to ensure that asylum accommodation provision in Britain is humane and attains reasonable standards in terms of hygiene, safety and comfort. We are moreover advocating for Youth Welfare Officers to be provided in all Home Office provided asylum accommodation, to cater to the physical and mental health of 18 to 25-year-old asylum applicants seeking sanctuary in Britain. We are part of a wider movement calling for an end to indefinite immigration detention and the use of alternatives to detention.

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