About The Situation

Within the current context of EU-level reform efforts, RRE is convinced that the European Union and its member states are capable of operating an approach to asylum and migration which upholds the human rights of individuals seeking sanctuary on European territory. The EU and individual governments must work to make this a reality and to put lessons learned from recent years into practice, creating a system that works better for the displaced, host communities, national governments and EU institutions alike.

Our Preliminary Reactions to the Pact

For years, women, men and children in displacement have suffered human rights violations across Europe: left to drown at sea, beaten,violently and illegally pushed back at EU borders, contained without dignity at the EU’s edges, returned to danger under cynical deals with third countries. The Commission promised that the New Pact would be a Fresh Start to asylum and migration. It turns out to replicate or exacerbate past failures in new packaging. The overbearing focus is on preventing access to EU territory as if the success of the EU’s asylum and migration system is measured by its efficacy in “keeping numbers down”.

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