We work to bring about much-needed change to secure the human rights of refugees and displaced people in Europe.

We hold EU institutions and governments to account.

We expose human rights violations and other abuses of power; we make and advance policy recommendations at the national, EU and international levels.

We act as a bridge between people working on the frontline of these humanitarian crises, and policy makers who can afford long-term change.

We bring together and work closely with frontline partners to ensure a unified call for policy changes.

We bring the voices of refugees and displaced people directly to policy makers.

Our recommendations are informed by the real experts – refugees and asylum seekers themselves.

What We Do

  • Facilitate collaboration among grassroots groups
  • Policy monitoring and desk research
  • Coordination of field research and documentation of human rights violations
  • Advocacy at EU, national and local levels
  • Engagement with United National human rights mechanisms and special procedures
Read about our work to push for concrete change in four European locations, where gaps in the refugee response have had a particularly detrimental impact on human lives.